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Through Love and Mercy Mission I, II & III Our Lady of Guadalupe's Miraculous Sacred Relic Images from Mexico City and replicas of The Divine Mercy Vilnius Image travelled from Mexico to Australia, Tonga, Samoa & The Philippines. We pray Our Lord and Our Lady will be enthroned in countries around the world so everyone is able to receive the same graces as in 1531 when Our Lady appeared to St Juan Diego & miraculously imprinted her Sacred Image on his tilma, which is still with us 480 years later.

Contact Us if you wish to invite Our Lady of Guadalupe and her Son, Jesus, The Divine Mercy to your Parish in Australia or to your country.

Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, our Blessed Mother


Hello and welcome to our website dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, 'the Always Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of the True God' - the only image Mother Mary personally left us here on earth, by the grace of God. This website's icon is the actual Sacred Tilma of St Juan Diego on which Mother Mary's image was miraculously imprinted.

Here you will read about the amazing true story of our Blessed Mother's apparitions to a humble native Mexica Indian called Juan Diego from the 9th to the 12th of December 1531. (The Feast of the Immaculate Conception was celebrated then on December 9.) The authenticity of this story is shown in Nican Mopohua, a manuscript written in the 16th century by Antonio Valeriano, who  knew Juan Diego since his childhood. He was a noble Mexican Indian educated in the Franciscan College of Santa Cruz in Tlatelolco (known today as Plaza de Tres Culturas) and the Governor of Mexico Tenochtitlan. 

He wrote the document in Nahuatl - the language of the Mexica people, a Mesoamerican culture in Ancient Mexico, particularly referring to the Aztecs and Toltecs. The Blessed Virgin Mary used this poetic language to communicate with Juan Diego in addition to symbols that the native Indians used or were familiar with.

The Our Lady of Guadalupe personally left us her Holy Image, miraculously imprinted on Juan Diego's tilma - a rough cloak made of woven Maguey cactus fibers extracted from the Mexican Agave. The Virgin of Guadalupe revealed to Juan that she was 'the Always Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of the true God" and all mankind. This Sacred Tilma with the miraculous Image is still with us today, intact and in its original condition (almost 485 years later) having survived a bomb explosion and an accidental acid spill which would naturally have destroyed or damaged the tilma.

Each part of Our Lady of Guadalupe's Holy Image carries a supernatural significance parallel to the symbols used by this ancient culture. To the Aztecs, one look at this Holy Image immediately brought to mind the cultural symbols that were important to them, from the top of her head down to her feet. With Our Lady's head slightly bent, her hands folded and her knee bent, she appears to be dancing while clapping her hands - this was how the Aztecs prayed. Following Our Lady of Guadalupe's miracle, it is important to note that the Aztecs themselves asked to be baptized in the Catholic Faith. Hence, the multitude of conversion ending their culture of human sacrifice.

You will read or hear a few versions of the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego, but I've used the simple story given to me at the Nacional Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe when my husband and I were blessed to visit Our Lady's Shrine in Mexico City in July 2010. Our Lady of Guadalupe's Basilica is where her Sacred Original Image is displayed in the middle of a beautiful altar not only for all to see and revere but to approach as our tender loving Mother. I have also referred to two very informative books when I felt it was necessary to provide some background information - A Handbook on Guadalupe by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and Our Lady of Guadalupe, History and Meaning of the Apparitions by Manuela Testoni.

I have tried to make this website as simple as possible, avoiding sensationalism, in order to share not only the historical value of Our Lady of Guadalupe's Image but the spiritual Peace that radiates from it - I experienced this when I sat with her for hours each day we were in Mexico. I hope you feel this same Peace as you gaze at our Blessed Virgin Mother's Images on this website.

Please share our Virgin Mother of Guadalupe's website to family, friends and colleagues - it is accessible on mobile devices, so please add it to your device's homescreen for easy access. Also, please send the email link on your left to help Our Lady of Guadalupe spread her Message.

May our Blessed Mother keep you and those dear to you under her golden mantle of protection always. God bless you, with Mother Mary too!

Our Lady of Guadalupe & Jesus The Divine Mercy

Love & Mercy MissionLove & Mercy MissionA Sacred Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe  & a replica of the original Divine Mercy Vilnius Image travelled from Mexico City to be with you in Australia, Tonga, Samoa. Click here for details and where these Blessed Images are now enthroned in Australia, The Pacific and The Philippines.
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