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How it all started...

As part of Servants of God's Divine Mercy, our Divine Mercy Apostolate, we dedicate this website to Our Blessed Mother of Mercy, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Our Lady of Guadalupe's sacred image is the only picture Mother Mary left us here on earth - miraculously imprinted on two sewn pieces of fabric made from maguey, a type of Mexican cactus. What makes this remarkable is that this type of material apparently disintegrates after 30 or so years. Yet, 479 years later, Our Lady of Guadalupe's image on Juan Diego's tilma made of this very material is amazingly in its original condition.

See pictures of how they strip the maguey to bring out it's fibers. I took this photo on our tour to Teotihuacan where we visited an ancient Aztec home, climbed the Pyramid of the Sun & took a photo of the Pyramid of the Moon when we reached the top. 

I have included a photo gallery for you to see the interesting place where Our Lady of Guadalupe chose to leave us a miraculous print of her image. Today, she personally waits for each one of you to visit her. Our Lord Jesus gave us His Blessed Mother to be our Mother, too. Will you answer her call?

Our Journey With Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Apostolate is called Servants of God’s Divine Mercya lay apostolate which we registered in Australia in January 2010 for the salvation of souls through Jesus, The Divine Mercy, with the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We have spread The Divine Mercy Message and Devotion in Sydney, Australia since 1998, celebrating the Feast of Mercy each year for the past 14 years at a Sydney Parish. In 2007, we created and published a Divine Mercy website at www.trustandmercy.com and in 2008, by the grace of God, we attended the First World Apostolic Congress on Mercy (WACOM) in Rome.

In July 2010, we were blessed to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City and had an audience with the Basilica’s former Rector, Monsignor Diego Monroy Ponce. We expressed our desire to make Our Lady known around Australia as Our Mother of Mercy together with our Divine Mercy Apostolate. We informed Monsignor Monroy about our Divine Mercy Apostolate and how we have also donated Divine Mercy Images to various Cenacle Prayer Groups so that our Blessed Mother travels from home to home with her Son. We then asked if we could have a Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to take her around Australia.

Monsignor Monroy connected us with Fernando Anchustegui, Director of Vida y Misericordia Internacional or Life and Mercy International. We found out that Vida y Misericordia is a Pastoral Lay Ministry from the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 220 Sacred Relic Images were touched to the Original Tilma during a special ceremony in 2004 - the first of its kind since Our Lady's Miracle in 1531. In addition, 220 replicas of the original Divine Mercy Image painted under St Faustina's direction were blessed on Divine Mercy Sunday in 2004. These Images are to be enthroned in countries around the world.

During the ceremony, the Monsignor Monroy, then Rector of the Basilica, sanctioned the images and declared, “Each image will carry the same graces as in 1531 of Evangelization, Conversion, Healing and Truth”.

We sponsored Fernando's first trip, bringing to Australia Sacred Relic Images of Our Lady of Guadalupe together with replicas of The Divine Mercy Image (also known as the Vilnius Divine Mercy Image). Hence, 'Love and Mercy Mission' was born. 

I then asked Our Lord, The Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe to plan their Australian Visit and their 'Itinerary' and where they would be enthroned. Most importantly, I asked for the means to fund the entire Mission.

Trusting in Jesus and Our Mother of Mercy, we planned the Mission for Easter Week in order to continue the Easter Celebration, culminating with their joint enthronement on the Feast of Mercy or Divine Mercy Sunday - a very special day this year with the beatification of our beloved Pope John Paul II. Originally intending the Mission for Sydney only, an inspiration led us to take Our Lord and Our Lady to Melbourne and Brisbane due to the recent floods.

With the help of a wonderful couple, John and Nancy, who made appointments with the Melkite Catholic and the Maronite Catholic Church leaders, Love and Mercy Mission included visits to both Maronite and Melkite Catholic Parishes. Letters to Archbishops, Diocesan Bishops and Parish Priests were sent. Although not everyone responded, we worked with what we had. Upon receipt of the required Archbishops' and Bishops' permission, folders with all the information about Love and Mercy Mission were individually given to Parish Priests who responded and accepted Our Lord and Our Lady - the schedules simply fell in place. 

By the Grace of God and Mother Mary's Blessing, Love and Mercy Mission commenced on the 25th of April till the 5th of May 2011 and a Sacred Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and a replica of The Divine Mercy Vilnius Image visited several Catholic, Maronite and Melkite Catholic Parishes in Sydney. They were then enthroned in St Michael's Catholic Church, Daceyville New South Wales as well as in St Clement's Melkite Catholic Church, South Brisbane Queensland. 

Right after Love and Mercy Mission Australia, we helped facilitate the enthronement of another Sacred Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and a replica of The Divine Mercy Vilnius Image in the Philippines at Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary in Multinational Village, Paranaque City. Filipinos now also have the opportunity to receive the same graces and blessings from Our Lady as from the original Sacred tilma without leaving the Philippines.

With yet another Miracle from Our Lord and Our Lady, Love and Mercy Mission II continued in November 2011. We sponsored Fernando's trip again, and this time, we brought the Sacred Images to Melbourne, Victoria and Perth, Western Australia, and to the Pacific Islands of Tonga and Samoa, where they were enthroned. This second Mission included a trip to The Northern Territory so we could take Our Lord and Our Lady to our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.

The Northern Territory visit turned out to be an 'Outback Spiritual Adventure' as we brought Our Lord and Our Lady to Parishes and Aboriginal Communities from Darwin right down to the Red Centre of Australia to Santa Teresa and Alice Springs in amazingly cool weather - an absolute miracle for that time of year! It was awe-inspiring being in the midst of our loving Aboriginal brothers and sisters - truly a life-changing experience we shall treasure for the rest of our lives.

On Pentecost Sunday, 27 May 2012, Love and Mercy Mission III, commenced and we also called this Mission The Caravan of Mercy, as we travelled by motorhome from Melbourne through South Australia to Alice Springs, proceeding through the Red Centre to the top most section of the Northern Territory - the Tiwi Islands. We brought Our Lord and Our Lady to remote Aboriginal Communities that missed out on the November Mission. This turned out to be another amazing spiritual journey. The final enthronement was done in Christ The King, Tennant Creek.

Our Lady of Guadalupe opens doors for her Son, Jesus, The Divine Mercy. Do visit them and venerate them in Parishes around Australia, in the Philippines, Tonga and Samoaa where the Images are enthroned (click on link to view). We encourage you to organise pilgrimages to visit them and TRUST that your prayers are answered not as you want but according to God's Divine Will. 

Thank you dearest Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe for making all this possible!

Special thanks, too, to all those who responded and those who helped Our Lord's and Our Lady's Love and Mercy Mission. May our Almighty and Living God, The Divine Mercy and our Blessed Mother Mary bless us all and keep us within their loving Hearts always.

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